Disney Dads (Adult)


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Use the drop down menu to choose your t-shirt size and colour. All t-shirts are short sleeve. Please refer to the size charts to ensure you select the correct size.

As standard the list will be:
Mufasa and Simba
Marlin and Nemo
Mr Incredible and Violet
Maurice and Belle
If you want any changing just let me know.

When you checkout please use the comment box to tell me what names you would like on the bottom line.
Also let me know what writing colour/s you want.

Metallics: red, rose gold, green, white, black, pink, purple, orange, blue
Neon: yellow, orange, pink, green
Glitter: pink, blue, green, white, gold
Specials: leopard print, pink tartan, red tartan
Regulars: white, black, gold, silver, grey, maroon, light pink, magenta, light blue, bright blue, royal blue, navy, mint, green, bright green, khaki, peach, orange, purple, lilac, yellow, brown, beige, sand

Image of Save Lives (Adult)
Save Lives (Adult)
Image of Leader of the Pack
Leader of the Pack
Image of She Believed She Could
She Believed She Could
Image of I Can't Adult Today
I Can't Adult Today
Image of Motherhood
Image of Caution (Choose Wording) Adult
Caution (Choose Wording) Adult
Image of Makaton (Adult)
Makaton (Adult)
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